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NM Education: Yazzie/Martinez Lawsuit

State Spendings Based on
IPRA Request Findings

SWOP submitted an Inspection of Public Records Act request, and the findings are staggering. The amount of money spent by the state fighting the Yazzie/Martinez lawsuit rather than implementing solutions to the issues we face in NM's education plan is not only counter-productive, it is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and valuable state resources.

Click the PDF link below to get a better sense of the numbers from the spreadsheet.


Youth advocates during the Transform Education press conference at the State Roundhouse in 2020

View Spreadsheets Here:


The Transform Education NM Platform is a blueprint, the most direct path to leverage what we know works for New Mexico and fix our education system.

The Platform was developed by hundreds of students, parents, educators, and community and tribal leaders, and by the Yazzie plaintiffs, and it is based in the court’s findings and volumes of research and expert testimony.

The Transform Education NM coalition is advocating for the creation of a public education system that:

  • Embraces, reflects, and incorporates the cultural and linguistic heritage of our diverse communities as a foundation for all learning

  • Provides extended learning opportunities like summer school and more time in the classroom

  • Values our teachers and educators and puts them in a position to succeed here in New Mexico

  • Allows all children to access early learning and Pre-Kindergarten programs

  • Offers services such as counseling and health clinics that promote learning

  • Ensures our schools receive financial resources required to meet the needs of all children.

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