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SWOP believes sustainability can only exist with grassroots leaders who will inevitability sustain much more than SWOP. SWOP’s work to sustain itself helps to build the economic power of our members, allies, and partners.

Fiscal Sponsorship

SWOP is a tax-exempt non-profit under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. As such, donations to projects of SWOP are fully tax-deductible on the donor’s federal income tax. For an Administrative Fee of 7%, SWOP offers fiscal sponsorship for grassroots community groups who agree with our Vision and Mission Statements but do not have their own 501(c)(3) status, thus making donations to those projects tax-deductible to the donor as well.

We offer fiscal sponsorship services as a service to the progressive movement so that it might grow and gain more influence. We do not fiscally sponsor groups that participate in election campaigns or which endorse or oppose candidates for elected office. A limited amount of lobbying is permitted under section 501(c)(3). If your organization lobbies, we will need to coordinate so that we don’t go over the IRS lobbying limits.


  • Completion of all federal tax forms

  • Send IRS receipts for donations of $250 or more

  • Receive foundation grants

  • Process donation checks and crowdfunding donations

  • Collection of credit card donations on an individualized secure donate page

  • Regular financial activity reports

If you would like more information about becoming a fiscally sponsored project of SWOP, please contact Janelle:

Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Pueblo Action Alliance is a community driven organization that promotes cultural sustainability by addressing environmental and social impacts in Indigenous communities.

Visit them at:


Tribal Entities Connect (TEC) mission is to reconnect Indigenous led organizations through communication, collaboration, and forming solidarity. Our vision is to create a network that supports the social wellbeing and sustainable livelihoods for Indigenous Peoples in the southwest. We began discussing the needs and lack of accessibility that Indigenous folks have to the available resources within the region. We recognize and wish to support resources already available for Indigenous Peoples, and want to further enhance our connections to them for Indigenous Peoples everywhere. 

Visit them at: 


The Transwoman Empowerment Initiative (TEI) is an organization built from the ground up by trans women of color. It is the only space in New Mexico solely staffed and operated on the thought leadership of trans women of color youth. Their philosophy is to create a culture of young people that is committed to being champions of trans justice in intuitions and societies that historically and continually oppress them. TEI does this by aiding trans youth in developing their private and public lives with a strong sense of self-worth.

FIT logo.png

Family+Indigenize+Thrive (F.I.T) is an intergenerational movement to revitalize the spirit of wellness through active community connections and partnership building. 

Visit them on Facebook


The Youth Agricultural Cooperative is a youth-led agricultural internship based in the International District of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We learn through helping our community, and believe in giving youth the agency to decide the direction of the program, experiences and what hands-on-learning projects we participate in is crucial to fostering an engaging learning environment.  

Visit their website at

To donate visit their Stripe page


For more information contact: 

Andrew Trujillo

Kate Porterfield

coffee_creatives_logo_horizontal_Black L

Coffee + Creatives is a community-oriented working group based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our mission is to help creatives take the next step for their practice or business by providing access to resources, funding opportunities, jobs, gigs, and feedback by creatives for creatives.

Visit them at:


The Honor Native Land Tax (HNLT) is a project of Albuquerque Showing up for Racial Justice (ABQ SURJ). The Honor Native Land Tax fundraises money in order to provide ongoing, no-strings-attached financial support to Indigenous organizations on Tiwa Land (also known as “Albuquerque”). Specifically, HNLT is investing in Pueblo Action Alliance and The Red Nation. By redistributing resources from settlers (those who benefit from settler colonialism) to Indigenous people (those who are harmed by settler colonialism), the HNLT offers a chance for settlers to make an ongoing contribution to Indigenous movements for land, water, and futures. This is a cross-class project that allows people to contribute financially on a sliding scale basis.  In doing so, settlers are able to move towards a right relationship with Indigenous peoples.

Visit them at:


The Haven of Love is a community space where we engage young people in raising critical consciousness, leadership, culture, arts, health, wellness and other activities. The Haven has been a long time home and community center, a safe haven, for Black and Brown young people for decades.

You can Donate to the Haven here:


The Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium is a collection of individuals and organizers who are seeking justice for the unknowing, unwilling, and uncompensated participants of the July 16, 1945, Trinity test in southern New Mexico.

You can support the TBDC by donating here:

Projects Housed on SWOP Campus

Connecting People, Ideas and Resources

Working to protect and preserve ways of life and traditions in the Valle de Atrisco. The vision of CESSOS is to become an exemplary community-based and community-led research and learning center. 

Visit them on Facebook

STICKER-01 (1).png.webp

Maize Skateboards, is a local skate shop and design studio run by Victor Z Corpus and Shawn Harrison with a mission to help youth develop skate knowledge.

Visit their website here:
and follow them on Facebook and Instagram


Arrowsoul Trading Post, is an Indigenous Owned Art Gallery and Culture Shop located in Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Visit them at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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